Kisatchie Hills Wilderness Trails


Length: 0.5 mile one-way | 1.5 mile one-way | 1.5 miles one-way | 7.0 miles one-way

Type: Packed Dirt

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Usages: Walking | Horseback

Location: Kisatchie National Forest – Kisatchie Ranger District

Backbone Trailheads – (31.478455, -93.018482) (31.508387, -93.033931)

Turpentine Hill Trailhead – (31.472840, -93.004705)

Map: Trail Map


Agency: U. S. Forest Service

Contact: website | 318-472-1840


Animals: Must be on leash

Water: None

Bathroom: None

Entrance Fee: None

Camping: Allowed

Special Notes: There are entry forms at each of the trailheads that allow Forest Service staff to know where you entered, what your travel plans are, and when you plan on leaving. It is highly recommended that everyone fills out these forms so that in the event of an emergency, rescue personnel can find you.

Kisatchie Hills Wilderness Trails,

The Kisatchie Hills Wilderness Trails are located in 8,700 acres of sandy bottomland, rolling hills, and large bluffs. There are three trailheads to access the four main trails in this area:

  • Backbone Trail (7 miles one-way) – This is the main trail that runs through the area. It has two trailheads and is all of the other trails.
  • High Ridge Trail (1.5 miles one-way) – This trail runs high along a ridge (hence the name) and is an excellent spot for scenic landscape photography.
  • Turpentine Hill Trail (1.5 miles one-way) – This is one of the trailheads that can be to access the Wilderness Area and the other three trails.
  • Explorer Trail (0.5 miles) – This trail has some sandstone outcrops that are pretty unique. Look for signs along the Turpentine Hill Trail to access this short detour.