Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Park Nature Trails


Length: Seven trails for 5.1 miles total

Type: Packed Dirt | Paved Asphalt | Handicapped Accessible

Difficulty: Easy

Usages: Walking

Location: 8012 Par Rd 4, Shreveport, LA 71107

Map: Trail Map


Agency: Parish of Caddo Parks and Recreation Department

Contact: website | 318-929-2806 |




Bathroom: Restrooms

Entrance Fee: None

Camping: None

Special Notes:

Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Park Nature Trails

Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Park Nature Trails consist of seven trails on 160 acres of land. All together, the trails are 5.1 miles total, and they are maintained by a team of several naturalists who also provide information to park visitors. Visitors can make appointments for nature oriented programs as well.

  • Audubon Trail (0.3 miles) – This is a paved trail that allows access to the park amphitheater and aviary.
  • Yatasi Trail (0.25 miles) – This trail travels through an upland forest ecosystem.
  • Ozark Trail (0.25 miles) – Hiking this trail takes visitors through bottomland forests. Be sure to check it out in Spring, when there are vernal pools to look at.
  • Ouachita Trail (0.5 miles) – Hikers will notice Rivercan, Oak, and Pine and they travel through a bottomland hardwood forest.
  • Adai Trail (1.0 miles) – This trail features some uncommon/rare plant species as visitors hike through an upland hardwood forest.
  • Miracle Trail (1.0 miles) – This trail is truly miraculous, as the name implies. Hikers can expect to see flooded palmetto flats, upland forests, and meadow habitats.
  • Caddo Trail (1.8 miles) – This is the hilliest trail of them all and features flooded palmetto flats and upland forests. Look for a rich variety of plants an animals.